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Are you hungry? At Hungry Hippie Munchies, we are passionate about creating great flavors for our customer’s dining nirvana.  We infuse Cajun spice and southern style-home cooking into every dish we craft.  Then, we stir in a lot of love and serve it up with a smile – every time.  Our menu is time and taste tested over generations to deliver a taste explosion in every bite.  And, we welcome your feedback and menu suggestions.  Because dining should be a shared experience and an adventure to savor.

Having had a brick and mortar restaurant previously, we wanted to simplify and create a mobile kitchen where we could meet more people in our journey.  We at Hungry Hippie Munchies are on a quest to connect with other free spirits who want to live fuller, enriched lives – these souls are our people – the Hungry Hippie Nation.

Seeking more?  Looking for similar free spirits in this journey called life? At Hungry Hippie Munchies, our goal is to satisfy more than your physical hunger.  Join us in creating the Hungry Hippie Nation where we seek more than the mundane in life and actively feed our souls during the journey.  Curious?  Want more?  Click the link to learn more about our vision.

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