Are you hungry? At Hungry Hippie Munchies, we are passionate about creating great flavors for our customer’s dining nirvana.  We infuse Cajun spice and southern style-home cooking into every dish we craft.  Then, we stir in a lot of love and serve it up with a smile – every time.  Our menu is time and taste tested over generations to deliver a taste explosion in every bite.  And, we welcome your feedback and menu suggestions.  Because dining should be a shared experience and an adventure to savor.

Having had a brick and mortar restaurant previously, we wanted to simplify and create a mobile kitchen where we could meet more people in our journey.  We at Hungry Hippie Munchies are on a quest to connect with other free spirits who want to live fuller, enriched lives – these souls are our people – the Hungry Hippie Nation.

Seeking more?  Looking for similar free spirits in this journey called life? At Hungry Hippie Munchies, our goal is to satisfy more than your physical hunger.  Join us in creating the Hungry Hippie Nation where we seek more than the mundane in life and actively feed our souls during the journey.  Curious?  Want more?  Click the link to learn more about our vision.

Hungry Hippie Munchies Nation

Life is a journey and, when you live with purpose, it continues to improve; no matter what life is currently throwing your way.  Our goal is to be a little better version of ourselves each day with the help of our Abba – God.  For those of you who are immediately turned off when you smell Christianity, we urge you to indulge us a little longer.

God’s Word clearly calls for us to be non-judgmental and to love others the way Jesus loves us – unconditionally.  That’s the spirit of a hungry hippie – free-spirited people who love others and life.  We are each accountable for the paths we take and the choices we make.  You alone answer for your choices – certainly not to anyone in our crew.  That’s between you and your Maker. It’s not up to us to judge you at all.

We all have sin in our lives – we live in a fallen world and not one of us is perfect.  All sin is equal, meaning not one person on this earth is better or worse than another. We’re all equal.

When you accept Jesus as your personal savior, you choose the greatest freedom of all – freedom from death and the chains of sin.  And, having a personal relationship with God is the most freeing and peaceful trip anyone could ever take.

Our parent company is Living for Abba, which is what we try to do every day. It’s a lifestyle and a lifestyle brand – a choice you make each and every day – to help others, to be happy, to have faith, to grow closer and deeper in your personal relationship with God.  Do we stumble and fall?  Of course, we do but we get back up, ask for forgiveness and move forward.  And, that, our friends, is how to reach a peace beyond understanding, no matter what situation you are facing.

Jesus said, the healthy don’t need a doctor.  We couldn’t agree more. He also tells us to serve others.  Our hearts burn for service to others, which is why our passion is serving great food and, also, feeding every soul we can on our journey.  We hope you’ll join us in growing the Hungry Hippie Nation.

Lisa Coleman 

Lisa’s background is in journalism, writing and marketing.  Her role is to market the business and manage both growth and fiscal responsibilities. She has an outstanding palette and enjoys creating unexpected flavors in her dishes for her guests dining pleasure. She began a deeper relationship with God in earnest in 2011.  It’s been quite the adventure and it gets better every day.  She’s had more than her share of hurdles along the way and is always happy to share her testimony. She believes putting your complete faith in God truly allows you to count even the trials in life as joy because she has seen firsthand the good God has worked in her life through those trials. God is her first love then family – and family is all the people we encounter in our journey.  God has been very good to her and she takes a great deal of comfort in having a close relationship with Him and knowing, without doubt, how very much He loves her. Lisa’s favorite thing to do is to give of her time to help others or just something unexpected like dropping in unannounced for a few minutes to put a smile on their face. Lisa believes in living large and showing others the love most of us are too afraid to put out there.  Her soul is most content when she’s walking barefoot on the beach with one of her four dogs while worshiping Abba.  If there’s a spare moment, you’ll likely find her reading a book, bullet journalling or sketching something Native American.

Dalton Coleman

Dalton is a junior at Rowlett High School.  He is striving hard to get great grades in preparation for college. He is passionate about cooking, drama, photography, music and reading.  He has an amazing ability to charm both dogs and babies.  Our dogs Bella and Paris both see Dalton as their person. Dalton previously served as the male vocal lead in the junior worship band at our church and is involved in Sky Ranch Leadership where he hopes to spend his college summers as a counselor.  He stays very active in the drama department at his high school  and has won awards for his acting abilities in UIL competitions. Most recently, he has joined the choir at school and is learning more about how to harness and train his amazing voice. His favorite pastimes is to make other laugh and to pester his mom, Lisa.  He is the very best at making her remember that all the issues life throws at us are truly small.  Dalton has an amazing ability to boil things down to their simplest common denominator, which tends to leave others around him asking themselves. “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Dalton’s role in the company is making sure all our prep work is completed and manning the pizza oven. Do we foresee culinary school in his future?  He’s mentioned it but only time will tell what God has in store for this outstanding young man.

Learn more about our catering options and see our locations page to see our schedule.  Want to see us live – call 214.273.4044 to schedule an event. We echo Jesus:  Come and dine … taste and see that the Lord is good.